3 tips on how to use 26650 lithium battery properly

The service life of 26650 lithium battery is generally within 300-500 battery charging cycle time. Assuming that a complete charge and discharge produces 1Q of power consumption, if the power consumption reduction after each battery charging cycle time is not considered, the lithium battery can produce or fill 300Q-500Q of electromagnetic energy during its service life. Everyone knows that if you charge to 50% of its capacity each time, then it can be charged 600-1000 times; if you charge 33% of its capacity each time, then it can be charged 900-1500 times. That being said, if any battery is charged, the frequency is indeterminate.

In fact, shallow discharge and shallow charge are more beneficial to lithium batteries. Deep discharge and deep charge are only necessary after the lithium battery is calibrated by the switching power supply of the product. Therefore, the products that use the lithium battery as power supply system do not need to be limited to the processing technology, everything is based on convenience, and the battery can be charged anytime and anywhere without worrying about endangering the service life.

In general, no matter how the battery is charged, the power of 300-500Q full capacity is stable. Therefore, you can also understand that the service life of 26650 lithium batteries is related to the total battery charging capacity of the rechargeable battery, and is not related to the battery charging frequency. In terms of the service life of lithium batteries, there is not much difference between deep discharge and deep charge, shallow discharge and shallow charge. Therefore, some MP3 manufacturers publicize and plan to say, “A certain model of MP3 uses a strong lithium battery, and the battery charging frequency exceeds 1500 times.” It is completely deceiving consumers’ ignorance.

Well, below are also 3 important tips on how to use 26650 lithium battery properly:

1. Prevent battery charging at too low temperature

Similarly, if the lithium battery is used in an ultra-low temperature environment below 4°C, the use time of the 26650 lithium battery will also be reduced, and some genuine lithium batteries on mobile phones cannot even be charged in the ultra-low temperature environment. But don’t worry, this is only a temporary situation, once the temperature rises, the molecular structure in the rechargeable battery is heated and immediately responds to the original power consumption.

2. Prevent the battery from charging at an excessively high temperature

If the 26650 lithium battery is used at the required operating temperature above 35°C, the power consumption of the rechargeable battery will continue to decrease, that is, the power supply time of the rechargeable battery will not be as long as in the past. If the battery of the equipment is recharged at these temperatures, the rechargeable battery will suffer more damage. Even storing the rechargeable battery in a hot natural environment will inevitably cause relative harm to the quality of the rechargeable battery. Therefore, maintaining a moderate operating temperature as much as possible is a very good way to increase the service life of lithium batteries.

3. Frequent using the 26650 lithium battery

In order to make the 26650 lithium battery give full play to its greater efficiency, it must be used frequently to keep the electronic devices in the lithium battery continuously fluid. If the lithium battery is not used frequently, you must remember to perform a battery charging cycle time every month and carry out a power calibration, that is, deep discharge and deep charge.

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