3.7V 12AH 18650 lithium battery for signal tower monitoring equipment

Best quality 3.7V 12AH 18650 lithium battery for signal tower monitoring equipment from China manufacturer, NS-1S5P-18650-12000 adopts 3.7V 12Ah 18650 lithium battery, which is suitable for tower signal monitoring equipment. The battery pack is safe and stable, with high cycle life, in line with the concept of low carbon and environmental protection. The battery has a built- in PCM protection system with multiple protection functions. The protection system (PCM/BMS) adopts the most advanced chips from Japan and the United States. Suitable for United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ghana, Hungary, Myanmar Burma, Antigua, Sweden, Turkey and other countries & regions. We want to establish long-lasting business relationship with regional agent. If you have interests in our signal tower monitoring equipment 18650 lithium battery or want to be our regional wholesaler, please do not think twice to contact sales@nuranu.com or call: +86-13823274651.


Model No.: NS-1S5P-18650-12000
Battery Specification: 3.7V 12AH
Battery Type: 18650 lithium ion battery
Battery Size: 200*120*20mm
Packing: PVC
Protection Mode: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, etc.


Pictures associated with this product for illustration only, it may not reflect the actual battery pack size and appearance, please contact us to get actual product image. Above technical specifications for reference only, we reserved the rights to change the technical parameters without notify website visitors, please contact our sales or technical team for final confirmation.

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