Use and Maintenance of Electric Vehicle Lithium Batteries

Use and Maintenance of Electric Vehicle Lithium Batteries

In recent years, lithium battery electric vehicles have been the development direction of various countries. It can be seen from the market and the investment of various car companies that they have made efforts in electric vehicles. Now, there is a trend of lithium battery electric vehicles replacing internal combustion engine vehicles in some parts of our country, because lithium batteries have strong sailing ability, ranging from more than 100 kilometers to 500 kilometers of Tesla, and you get what you get for every penny, so in the price It is also more expensive than an internal combustion engine car. So, for lithium battery electric vehicles, how should we use and maintain them?

1. It should be checked regularly during use. You can contact the sales center or the maintenance department of the agent for inspection, repair or matching. If there is a need to replace the new battery, it should be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary troubles during driving. In fact, regular inspections can virtually save you money.

2. It is forbidden to be in a power-loss state. Storing the battery in a power-deficient state is prone to sulfation, and the lead sulfate crystals adhere to the plate, which will block the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging and a decrease in battery capacity. In this case, the longer the idle time, the more severe the battery damage. To have a good battery, we should recharge it once a month.

3. Try to avoid large current discharge. When starting, going uphill, or carrying people, we should try to reduce the amount of slamming on the accelerator, because this will instantly discharge a large current and damage the physical properties of the battery plate.

4. It is forbidden to expose electric vehicles in the sun. An environment with excessively high temperature will increase the internal pressure of the battery and cause the battery to lose water, causing a decrease in battery activity and accelerating the aging of the plates.

5. Electric vehicles should be cleaned in accordance with normal car washing methods. During the cleaning process, more attention should be paid to the water flowing into the charging parts of the car body to avoid short circuit of the car body lines.

In summary, we can use and maintain lithium battery electric vehicles from these aspects to increase its service life.