18650 lithium battery or 26650 lithium battery, which is better

18650 lithium battery or 26650 lithium battery, which is better

Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of light weight, large capacity, and no memory effect, so they are widely used. Many digital devices use lithium-ion batteries as power sources, although their prices are relatively expensive.
Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density, their capacity is 1.5 to 2 times that of nickel-metal hydride batteries of the same weight, and they have a very low self-discharge rate. In addition, the advantages of lithium-ion batteries with almost no memory effect and no toxic substances are also important reasons for its wide application. There are also many types of lithium batteries. This article compares the two types of lithium batteries: 18650 lithium battery and 26650 lithium battery.

Both 18650 lithium batteries and 26650 lithium batteries are cylindrical lithium batteries. Combined with 18650 lithium batteries and 26650 lithium batteries, they have outstanding volume characteristics and high concentration, occupying a large market share in the sales market.

26650 lithium battery wuth the diameter of 26MM, and the length (height) is 65MM. Commonly known as lithium-ion batteries, 26650 lithium-ion batteries usually use nickel-cobalt-manganese (ternary) as the cathode material.

26650 lithium batteries are often used in large power tools, lighting devices, energy storage technology machinery and equipment, battery vehicles, ups ready-to-use switching power supplies, medical equipment and their military equipment.

What is the difference between 18650 lithium battery and 26650 lithium battery?

1. Different short-circuit capacity: 18650 lithium ion capacity is between 1200mah and 3600mah, The 22,650 lithium-ion batteries have a capacity between 3,000mah and 5,000mah.

2. Rechargeable batteries are different: 18650 lithium-ion batteries are 18mm, and 26650 lithium-ion batteries are 65mm.

3. Different reference quality: 18650 lithium ion net weight is 40g-48g, 26650 lithium ion net weight is 95-100g.

4. The capacity of the rechargeable battery is different, the capacity of 26650 is greater than 18650, and the lithium-ion ratio is the same.

5. Different application scenarios: 18650 lithium-ion batteries are used in lighting equipment rechargeable batteries, industrial production equipment lithium batteries, rechargeable battery inflatable tools, electric vehicle rechargeable
batteries, electric lithium batteries, etc.

6. The duration of the voyage is different: currently 2200, 2600, 3100mah for 18650. 400, 4200, 4500mah for 26650, so the duration is longer.

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