21700 vs 26650

The Ultimate Battery Battle: 21700 vs 26650 – Which One Is Better?

Batteries are an essential part of our lives. Whether powering a flashlight or a laptop, having the right battery is indispensable. Today, a variety of battery sizes are available in the market, but two of the most popular options are 21700 and 26650 batteries. So what’s the difference between them and which one should you choose?

21700 vs 26650

Battery Size and Design

The 26650 battery has a diameter of 26mm and a height of 65mm compared to the 21700 battery’s 21mm diameter and 70mm length. So, compared to the 21700 battery, the 26650 cell is bigger and bulkier. Both batteries are rectangular in shape and have positive and negative connections on either end.


One of the most crucial considerations when selecting a battery is capacity. The normal capacity of the 21700 battery is about 4000mAh, while the standard capacity of the 26650 battery is about 5000mAh. Since the 26650 battery has more capacity than the 21700 battery, it will last longer and work better.


Another important aspect to take into account when selecting a battery is voltage. The voltage of the 21700 battery is usually between 3.6 and 3.7V, while the voltage of the 26650 battery is typically between 3.2 and 3.7V. This indicates that the voltage of the 21700 battery is marginally greater than that of the 26650 battery, which may have an impact on the functionality of particular products.

Discharge Rate

The rate at which a battery can be drained is referred to as the discharge rate. Generally speaking, the 21700 battery discharges at a faster pace than the 26650 cell. Electric cars and power tools are examples of high-drain uses where the 21700 battery performs better.


When selecting a battery, compatibility is a crucial aspect to take into account. The 21700 battery is relatively new and might not work with all devices, whereas the 26650 battery is more frequently used and suitable with a wider variety of gadgets.


When selecting a battery, price is a constant consideration. Generally speaking, the 26650 battery is less expensive than the 21700 battery, though prices can differ by make and type.


The best battery for you will rely on your particular requirements and use the situation as both the 21700 and 26650 cells have advantages and disadvantages. The 21700 battery might be your best choice if you require a battery with a high volume and are prepared to spend a higher price. The 26650 battery, on the other hand, might be a superior option if you require a battery with a fast depletion rate and are searching for a less expensive alternative.


What devices are compatible with the 21700 battery?

  • The 21700 battery is compatible with a range of devices, including electric vehicles, power tools, and flashlights.

Are 21700 batteries more expensive than 26650 batteries?

  • Yes, 21700 batteries are generally more expensive than 26650 batteries due to their higher capacity and newer technology.

Can the 26650 battery be used in place of the 21700 battery?

  • It depends on the device and its compatibility. In general, the 26650 battery may not be the best choice for devices that require a high capacity or high discharge rate.