Common Causes of Polymer Batteries Not Discharging

Common Causes of Polymer Batteries Not Discharging

If we suddenly encounter a polymer battery that does not discharge at work, what should we do? We must first find the real reason why the lithium battery does not discharge before we can deal with this problem. Next, we can investigate step by step. Find out why the lithium battery is not discharging.

The first step, first of all, we can see if the tabs of the polymer battery are broken, forming a current circuit breaker.

The second step is to check whether the discharge circuit of the polymer battery device is normal.

The third step is to use a battery testing device to check whether the battery or polymer battery has zero voltage now.

The fourth step is to check whether the electronic components inside the battery pack and the equipment inside the protection circuit are damaged.

There is a problem that the polymer battery does not discharge, so what should we do?

1. If we can’t judge whether there is a problem with the pole ear, we need to take the battery to a specialized technical engineer for further analysis.

2. If the circuit is abnormal, it is recommended that the customer repair it in time and replace it with a new device.

3. If you are using a polymer battery pack, you can remove it and perform zero-voltage analysis on the battery cells one by one.

4. Use a special equipment multimeter to detect whether the electronic components connected to the battery and the equipment are working.