11.1V 2.2AH 18650 lithium battery for tea stove automatic pumping machine

Low maintenance 11.1V 2.2AH 18650 lithium battery for tea stove automatic pumping machine from China manufacturer, NS-3S1P-18650-2200 adopts 11.1v 2200mah 18650 lithium battery for automatic water pump, tea stove and tea set. A complete range of products can be customized according to customer requirements (voltage/capacity/size/circuit). Comply with the relevant national standards and requirements for batteries. The finished lithium battery has undergone strict inspection and testing before leaving the factory, and customers can use it with confidence. Lithium battery pack cycle life: Under normal working conditions, the battery pack cycle life is as high as 650 times or more, suitable for power bank, CCTV, handheld beauty euqipment, electric skateboard, yacht and more. We are your best tea stove automatic pumping machine 18650 lithium battery provider all over the world.


Model No.: NS-3S1P-18650-2200
Battery Specification: 11.1V 2.2AH
Battery Type: 18650 lithium ion battery
Battery Size: 60*69*19mm
Packing: PVC
Protection Mode: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, etc.


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