14.8V 19.2AH lithium ion battery pack for military rugged computer

Constant power 14.8V 19.2AH lithium ion battery pack for military rugged computer from China supplier, NS-4S8P-18650-19200 adopts 14.8V-19.2AH 18650 lithium battery, which is suitable for military rugged computer. Built-in protection circuit to provide overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and other protection, the product is safe and reliable. The protection board scheme adopts Japan Seiko S8261-G2GIC, and the technology is mature. The battery adopts new environmentally friendly materials, with high working voltage, long cycle life, small self-discharge, large capacity and high safety, suits for environmental monitor, camcorders, handheld beauty euqipment, one wheel electric scooter, medical devices and more. If you are interested in our military rugged computer lithium ion battery pack, please don’t hesitate to call us!


Model No.: NS-4S8P-18650-19200
Battery Specification: 14.8V 19.2AH
Battery Type: 18650 lithium ion battery
Battery Size: 54*70*110mm
Packing: PVC
Protection Mode: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, temperature protection, 485 communication,etc.


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