What is the Maximum Capacity of an 18650 Lithium Battery

What is the Maximum Capacity of an 18650 Lithium Battery

Due to the fixed size of the 18650 battery, its maximum capacity has always attracted the attention of many practitioners. In recent years, the technology of various manufacturers has improved, and the capacity has also increased accordingly. Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony, and Toshiba can achieve more than 3600mAh. However, the best stability and consistency is the capacity range of 2600~3000mAh. If it is a battery pack, it is best not to use the highest capacity. Regardless of the cost performance and the service life of the battery pack after being assembled, it is not very cost-effective, so it does not mean the capacity of the battery cell. The higher the use, the more stable and long-lasting.

The battery pack needs to be customized according to the product. If the product is mid-to-high-end, the battery can be imported from a big brand (original), because there are many domestic small battery factories with false labels. If the battery is too price-sensitive (such as The price of strong light flashlight products is more competitive), you can choose 2200mah~2600mAh batteries or lower 1500+ capacity from domestic regular manufacturers. Most application fields have different current and time requirements, so most power supply batteries are presented in battery packs. When choosing a battery pack, you should consider the consistency, stability, and safety of the selection of cells. These indicators are very important .

It is worth noting that many buyers will have a misunderstanding, thinking that the higher the capacity, the larger the actual discharge current, but this is just the opposite: 18650 lithium batteries are generally divided into capacity type and rate type, the capacity type mainly reflects the large capacity, but the discharge The current is generally lower than 1C, and the current is small; the rate type can discharge with a large current, but the capacity is low and the use time is not long. It’s like you can’t have both.

How can we know the actual capacity of the 18650 lithium battery? The marked capacity of unscrupulous manufacturers is unbelievable. If you want to know the actual capacity, you have to pass the charge and discharge test with professional testing equipment.

Therefore, most people do not know the specific capacity when they get it, and they are easily deceived by the seller. Buyers really feel that the capacity is strange, and they can ask the supplier to issue a test report or choose a third-party professional testing agency to report.

Finally, the price of the 18650 lithium battery is proportional to the capacity. The larger the capacity, the greater the energy ratio, and the more raw materials are used, so the price will be more expensive. The general price is 10~30 yuan/pc.

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